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How to Clean Coffee Grinder at Home

Turn and stir we make a little snack on our coffee grinder, to remove old residues and not leave it with a strong smell, which ends up spoiling the flavor at the time of grinding other grains. Check out the technique we use here!

The coffee grinder is one of the most popular home appliances in the kitchen of a chef or a coffee connoisseur. In addition to the coffee beans, it can be used to grind all kinds of herbs and spices. Therefore, it is essential that the coffee grinder is regularly cleaned in order to remove all the oils, odors and residues that may be present. Learn how to do it and do not compromise the distinct taste of your cup of coffee.

The coffee grinder is an essential accessory in many homes, for many people, preparing a good coffee starts with the freshly ground beans, helps to preserve the fresh aroma and flavour of the coffee, and for this reason, keeping the utensil always sanitized is indispensable.

Like coffee, we can also use the mill to grind grains and spices, releasing the oils from the food during grinding, and over time these residues can accumulate in the grinder, altering the tastes and aromas.

Often soap and water are not enough to eliminate the encrusted wastes, the trick to cleaning the coffee grinder at home is similar to cleaning pepper grinder , a very simple procedure that helps remove the impregnated soils from the container.

If your coffee grinder is electric, you need to disconnect it from the power supply before cleaning the components. It is also recommended that you read and follow the instructions in the operating manual of the appliance.

To clean an electric, industrial, or manual coffee grinder, the first step is to remove as much dirt as possible with a soft cloth and small brush. In short, you can use an old toothbrush that you no longer use.
Put a cup of rice in your coffee grinder and then grind it for a few minutes or until all the rice is ground. Once finished, the oils and scents should be removed.

Now, remove the rice and repeat the cleaning of the coffee grinder if necessary. To finish, wipe it with a paper towel or damp cloth.

Clean the other components and the outside of the coffee grinder with a damp cloth, with a few drops of neutral detergent.

Repeat the procedure whenever you use your grinder or when it looks like it needs cleaning.

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